Art is the communication of ideas and emotions. It is my intention to make objects that allow the viewer a visual dialogue with me and my ideas. Deep communication with anyone or anything requires more than a single sitting. We reread our favorite books, watch good movies again, and revisit our friends over and over because we enjoy their company and desire a deeper understanding of the communion we experience in their presence. It is my hope that this sort of relationship be drawn between the viewer and the objects.

I make figures because I am drawn to the human form. With every nuance, curve and movement the body is capable of saying so much. The Body is seductive, captivating, and complete. In making figures and instilling a feeling of life within them, I become closer to the thing that inspires me, and am in effect, communing with the Divine. So the impetus is twofold: communication with the viewer and with the presence of the object.

Chris lives and works in Ann Arbor, MI. For price or commission inquiries, send e-mail to:

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